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Ballyseede Castle

Ballyseede castle wedding couple
wedding couple ballyseede castle

Lisa & Donal

Lisa & Donal - Ballyseede Castle, Tralee, Co. Kerry

A while ago in beautiful County Kerry, Lisa and Donal's love story started at a local charity event. They ended up at the amazing Ballyseede Castle, a perfect place for their dreamy wedding. The old castle, surrounded by Ireland's southwest scenery, promised a magical day.

Their love story played out in the fancy Ballyseede Castle, the only castle hotel in County Kerry. St. Mary's Cathedral in Killarney, with its pretty stained-glass windows, was where they said their vows. They were surrounded by family and friends, making it a special moment.

Sean Sharpee, a really good photographer, captured every happy moment. His pictures turned quick moments into memories. From sweet looks to big laughs, Sean's photos made a collection of emotions for the couple to remember.

As the sun set, the castle's big hall turned into a fairytale. Fancy lights shone on flowers and nice tables. Lisa and Donal, now married, walked in, making the atmosphere buzz with excitement.

The Spring Break band made the party awesome. Their lively music had everyone dancing and having fun. Old and new songs filled the air, creating a happy vibe with lots of laughter.

The night had toasts, laughs, and love. Friends and family gathered to celebrate Lisa and Donal's happiness. Ballyseede Castle, being the only castle hotel in County Kerry, became a symbol of love. The magic of the night, mixed with the castle's charm, made Lisa and Donal's hearts full as they started their life together.

So, in the middle of County Kerry, Lisa and Donal's love story turned into a special memory. Ballyseede Castle stood tall, showing how their love would last forever.

As your wedding videographer I aim to capture beautiful memories of your special day, ensuring they become cherished moments for generations.

Your role is to savor the experience.

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