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Wedding videographer ireland

Step into the realm of modern romance with our cutting-edge approach to wedding videography in Ireland.

We don't just document moments, we craft masterpieces that reflect the essence of your love.

From breathtaking aerial shots to intimate candid scenes, every frame is infused with passion and creativity.

Gone are the days of "boring" cookie-cutter wedding videos. Embrace the new standard of elegance and sophistication with our fresh perspective and innovative techniques. Let us capture the magic of your special day in a way that's as unique and beautiful as your love story.


Your wedding day is an incredibly significant moment, and I am passionate about preserving it in a way that will stand the test of time. My commitment is to narrate your love story through exquisite, authentic, and timeless documentary wedding videography.


My filming style is unobtrusive and documentary focused on the day. I won't interrupt or interfere, instead, I prioritize allowing You to savor every moment. This approach enables me to capture the real, genuine moments and those delightful, often overlooked details. The result? A cinematic wedding film that you'll cherish for years to come.

My passion is to create Wedding films that not only showcase the details of your special day but also the emotions, love and connection that make it truly unique. I believe that your wedding film should be a reflection of You and Your perfect love story, and that's why I approach every wedding day with a personal and creative touch.

I will blend seamlessly into the background, capturing all the moments of your wedding day as they unfold naturally.

I am a wedding videographer that always makes sure that every moment of your wedding day is captured with care and precision.

Videographer of the year 2023 award

Wedding Videographer of the year 2023.

I was voted best wedding videographer in Ireland of the year 2023 by Lets talk weddings portal

wedding van trees around

Tailored wedding packages to suit every client's unique needs and desires.

AVMedia Veselko Barberstown castle

Click here and learn more about me :) or if you want to see this face expression at your wedding during "sweet Caroline..." Book now!

wedding couple confetti around

I believe that a wedding video should reflect the true essence of the day and your relationship, and I will capture and deliver a film that you will enjoy watching over and over again.

Trailer / Sneak peak video

Get ready for an energetic burst!


Experience the excitement in a 30-60s "sneak peek / coming soon video" delivered within 7 days from your wedding.


It's all about capturing and amplifying the vibrant energy of your special day!

Ileana & Dan - Mount Juliet, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny


A 3-4 minute masterpiece showcasing the BEST of the BEST moments from your wedding day.


This is the video meant for everyone and you will share it with everyone! – even those you haven't met yet! :D


Share the joy, laughter, and love with a film that encapsulates your special day.

Emily & Craig - Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow


This is my main Wedding Film, the emotional epic you'll revisit endlessly.


It transcends visuals, It is capturing the essence of the day – not just its appearance but the profound emotions that will evoke tears and transport you back to the heartfelt moments every time you watch.

Patricia & Colm - Ballymaloe house, Shanagarry, Co. Cork

I will let You and Your guests be the stars of your day. Instead of directing every moment, I'll follow the flow of events and unobtrusively capture the moments that unfold organically.

My Wedding videography style emphasizes natural real moments, rather than staged or posed shots. I'll be there to capture all the little details, the laughter, tears, and all the in-between moments that make your day unique.

I understand that your wedding day is all about You and your guests, and I will work to make sure that our presence is felt as little as possible. I'll communicate with You beforehand to make sure we understand what's important to You so that You can fully enjoy YOUR day.

bride with flowers


bride and groom

Find out if i am available for your wedding day

Stunning Wedding Videography that tells your wedding story, your way.


If you are looking for the best wedding videographer committed to creating best wedding films look no further. Your extraordinary wedding day awaits cinematic perfection.


It would be my absolute honor to be a part of your wedding day.

bride and groom in forest
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