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Check some of the Best Wedding Photographers in Ireland

Hello everyone!


My very own first post :)


I want to make it clear right from the start that what you're about to read is just my personal opinion. Super subjective :D


I've had the joy of teaming up with many talented photographers, and they've all been super skilled. However, this list isn't just about talent – it's about these photographers unique styles, how they handle things on the wedding day, and their interactions with the couple and guests. The mix of all these factors lines up perfectly with my own approach. A fantastic bonus is that these photographers bring a lot of fun and good vibes to the wedding day. It's not only about their abilities but also how well our working styles match, making the whole experience enjoyable and aligned.


The best wedding photographers in Ireland who share a similar style and approach to mine. And, of course, they're awesome to work with!


You know, wedding photography styles can be like a buffet with so many options. If you're a couple getting ready to tie the knot and you're having a tough time figuring out the style you want, don't worry. Take a look at these guys and gals below.


This post is my personal take on things, a work in progress, and there might by more to come or might not. If you're a photographer not mentioned here, no hard feelings :), and let's keep the conversation going. And to the engaged couples, I hope this list might help you find the perfect photographer for your dream wedding!



Pawel Bebenca


Rafal Borek


Sean Sharpee




Bruno Rosa


Katie Kav


Nina Val


Lisa Chonier

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