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The main focus lies on allowing you to enjoy your Wedding day, you hired your vendors to take care of the rest.

Your wedding videography & photography should not be stealing you away from the delight of the day,  but rather should be  something  that  adds  value  to it.

Wedding videographers and photographers spend the most time along side you and that is why I go out of my way to ensure that we are the very best fit for you on your wedding day.

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As your wedding videographer I aim to capture beautiful memories of your special day, ensuring they become cherished moments for generations.

Your role is to savor the experience.

We initiate this process here:

What's included in my WEDDING Packages?

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Each wedding package I provide guarantees You will receive the best wedding film that will be cherished as a unique and enduring memory of your wedding day.


However, within these packages, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of options.


This allows you to tailor the film to your preferences, ensuring it becomes a personalized and truly one-of-a-kind representation of the beautiful moments that unfold during your wedding day celebration.

Your choices enable you to make the wedding film uniquely yours, capturing the essence and individuality of your remarkable day.

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How a wedding day goes?

Wondering what to expect on your day with me?

All of my wedding day packages begin with the preparations, capturing the excitement before the real festivities commence.

From the bride getting ready to early arrivals at the ceremony, I aim to document moments often missed by the couple.

I wrap up a few songs post the first dance, ensuring a collection of vibrant shots capturing everyone's energy on the dance floor and mainly once I am happy with the dance footage!

What wedding videos will I get?

Depending on the wedding package you choose you will receive: a 30-60sec Trailer/Sneak peak, a Highlight video, a Wedding film, Same day edit.

I always suggest to people to share as much details and be vocal in booking stages as that will ensure both parties are on the same page.

Every wedding is unique and personalizing your film ensures it truly reflects your wedding day.

What if none of the packages suit You?

Recognizing the uniqueness of each wedding, I understand these wedding packages may not fit everyone.


Hence, I provide the flexibility to customize a wedding package tailored perfectly to your needs.


Every wedding is distinct, and offering personalized options ensures that your chosen package aligns seamlessly with your individual preferences and requirements.


Full day coverage - from morning prep until dancing

One Videographer

Wedding Film

Full Speeches video

Full Ceremony video

Drone footage

2-4 cameras used


Full day coverage - from morning prep until dancing

Two Videographers (One is team Groom, other is team Bride)

Wedding Film

Extensive drone coverage

Full Speeches video

Full Ceremony video

Highlights video

3-6 cameras used


Full day coverage - from morning prep until one hour into dancing

Two Videographers (One is team Groom, other is team Bride)

Wedding Film

Extensive aerial coverage + FPV drone usage

Drone footage

Full Speeches video

Full ceremony video

Trailer video 30-60sec

Highlights video

4-8 cameras used

Whole day recorded in 4K 100fps

All videos delivered in 4K

All videos delivered within 30 day of the wedding

Prices start at 2290€
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Should you go with one or two videographers?

Opting for two videographers in your wedding package, features two lead videographers, enhances your wedding film in several impactful ways. From the early moments of your day to the energetic dancefloor celebrations, the dual-team approach ensures a more comprehensive and detailed documentation of your entire wedding day experience.

With two wedding videographers, there is a significant increase in the amount of footage dedicated to capturing the essence of both partners. From the anticipation during the morning preparations to the joyous moments on the dancefloor, having multiple perspectives adds depth to your wedding story, allowing you to relive the distinct emotions and experiences of each partner.

The presence of two videographers ensures extensive coverage of your guests throughout the reception and the entirety of your wedding day. Candid interactions, heartfelt moments, and the overall atmosphere are expertly documented, providing a more immersive and genuine representation of the connections shared with your loved ones.

During ceremony and speeches, having two videographers offers a diverse range of angles and viewpoints. This allows for a more dynamic and visually captivating film, highlighting the intimate details of these moments and capturing the genuine emotions expressed by you, your partner, and your loved ones.

Having two videographers also introduces the creative dimension of drone footage, with one videographer capturing key moments from the air as other one stays on the ground. This addition brings a unique perspective to your wedding film, offering stunning aerial views of your venue and reception. From sweeping landscapes to dynamic shots of your ceremony, drone footage adds a cinematic quality, enriching the visual storytelling of your wedding day.

In essence, having two videographers surpasses the limitations of a single-videographer approach, ensuring a more intricate, diverse, and visually compelling representation of your wedding day. The collaborative efforts of two lead videographers, coupled with creative drone footage, result in a final film that not only documents the significant moments but also encapsulates the emotions, atmosphere, and unique elements that make your wedding day truly special.

The Wedding Videos



Trailer / Sneak peak

A beautiful 30-60 second recap of your day, delivered within a week after your wedding day. Perfect for sharing on Instagram social media.


a Highlight film

A 3-4 minute masterpiece showcasing the BEST of the BEST moments from your wedding day. 

This is the video meant for everyone and you will share it with everyone! – even those you haven't met yet! :D 

Share the joy, laughter, and love with a film that encapsulates your special day.


Wedding film

This is a unique production. This is my main Wedding Film, the emotional epic you'll revisit endlessly. 

It transcends visuals, It is capturing the essence of the day – not just its appearance but the profound emotions that will evoke tears and transport you back to the heartfelt moments every time you watch.

considering a multi day wedding coverage?

In addition to single-day options, I offer more comprehensive packages tailored for multi-day events, ensuring meticulous coverage of every moment across extended celebrations.

The multi-day package can be a single or dual wedding videographer option.

This elevated package guarantees an immersive and comprehensive documentation of the entire occasion, making it the perfect choice for clients organizing grand and extended celebrations.

For those planning elaborate multi day wedding festivities, I encourages reaching out to discuss your wedding packages. Having previous experience my wedding packages are meticulously crafted to capture and preserve every cherished moment, ensuring a timeless and complete representation of your extended wedding celebrations. 

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- Highlight Film

best of the best from your day, this is the video you will share with EVERYONE :) 

- Trailer / Sneak peak video

30-60 seconds video sneak peak / instagram trailer that you receive within 7 days from your wedding

- Same day edit

You receive a 2 minute video on the day of your wedding, and you can play it for the guests during evening

- Extra coverage (after 10PM)

You can prebook this or book it on the day in the event of things running late

- Pete & CJ
- Juliana & James
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Find out if i am available for your wedding day

Stunning Wedding Videography that tells your wedding story, your way.


If you are looking for the best wedding videographer committed to creating best wedding films look no further. Your extraordinary wedding day awaits cinematic perfection.


It would be my absolute honor to be a part of your wedding day.

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"Veselko is one of kind and the wedding video he created for us was truly epic."

- Katelyn

Good to Know

All your videos will be made available for you to download and also uploaded private onto a platform for you to view and share and will remain there for 10 years!

All final videos and raw files are kept with us for 5 years!

We share some of our work online, we won't do so if you don't agree with it.

The timings for our films are just guidelines, sometimes we go over sometimes we go under.

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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