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Aran Islands

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Aran Islands wedding video

Laura-may & harry

Laura-May and Harry, decided to return to their roots for a three-day celebration of love on the enchanting Inish Mor. The island embraced them with its rugged beauty and ancient charm, setting the stage for a wedding that would be etched in the memories of all who attended.

The Aran Islands Hotel, right by the Atlantic, was the perfect place for their warm and joyful celebration. The air was buzzing with excitement as friends and family gathered to see Laura-May and Harry get married.

The ceremony happened at the Church of St. Brigid and St. Oliver Plunkett, a quiet place with a view of the vast Atlantic Ocean. As the couple said their vows, there were lots of emotions, happy tears, and a strong sense of love in the air. Every look between Laura-May and Harry showed how deeply connected they were.

The celebration didn't stop at the church; they also had a photoshoot on the rugged cliffs of Inish Mor and by the famous "worm hole." The photographer captured moments of pure happiness and love against the backdrop of the wild Atlantic.

Inish Mor echoed with laughter and joy from every corner. The wedding was a mix of emotions, from tears of joy to big smiles. Friends and family, whether they were locals or friends from afar, came together in a mix of different cultures.

As the sun set, painting the sky with shades of orange and pink, the celebration continued. Laura-May and Harry's wedding wasn't just about getting married; it showed how powerful and lasting love can be. Their love story, which crossed borders and came back to Ireland, left echoes of laughter and warmth in the sea breeze, making Inish Mor the perfect backdrop for their unforgettable journey into marriage.

Also, this was the first time i saw what a "broom dance" is :)

Laura May & Harry - Aran Islands, Inish Mor (Inishmore), Co. Galway

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