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FPV Drones

AVMedia is one of the first IAA fully Licensed drone operators to offer this type of unique, immersive, and quite spectacular way of filming.

Along side of our "regular DJI drones" our fleet starts with tiny ( only 190grams ) and goes up to our biggest (1.9kg).

From flying through a smallest window to filming cars driving at 180kmh - We got you covered.


Meet our fleet:

95x v3

fpv drone betafpv

Coming in at 190 grams this drone is perfect for close proximity indoor flying.

Flying through someones hands, real estate videos, those oneshot tour videos

-> this is it !

fpv drone shendrones squirt


3 inch bigger brother, bigger, faster, flies longer and able to carry a full size GoPro. Able to fly close proximity indoors and hop outside for some quick manoeuvres is not a problem.


fpv drone emax buzz

5 inch freestyle and racing drone. Have some cars drifting? Need to dive a building or just need to film something accelerating 0 - 160kmh under 2 seconds? Yeap that's the tool to do it.

fpv drone fr7


8 inch drone, perfect for cruising and covering a big property with a lot of interference, has very long flight times great for repeating scenarios without a need to land.

fpv drone shendrones thicc


Full size cinelifter - does your project requires a bigger better camera than a GoPro?

Welcome Shendrones Thicc - 8 motors, carries 2kg camera and flies up to 170kmh. Can you really ask for more?


fpv drone shendrones insider

Can carry the same weight as Thicc, just in a much slower and shorter way. Made to do Thicc's job but inside hence the name :)

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