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sherida & niall

Sherida & Niall - Langtons house hotel, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny

Sherida and Niall's love story culminated in a celebration as beautiful as their journey together. The setting was the enchanting Langtons House Hotel in Kilkenny, a place that exuded charm and elegance. The anticipation in the air was palpable as the radiant couple prepared to exchange vows in the hotel's intimate theater room.

The day started with a promise of super nice sunny weather, making everything look warm and happy. Sherida put on her wedding dress, and Niall fixed his tie, all while the golden sunlight streamed through the windows of Langtons House. Friends and family gathered, smiling and sharing the joy of the special day.

The theater room, with its cool history and fancy details, became the stage for Sherida and Niall to say their special promises. They shared their love and commitment, surrounded by the hugs of their loved ones. The room was filled with laughter, tears, and sweet promises for their whole lives.

After the ceremony, Sherida and Niall, along with their guests, went outside for some happy photos. But guess what? The sunny morning surprised them with sudden heavy rain! No worries, though. Sherida and Niall just went with it. They laughed, danced in the rain, and found shelter under the hotel's cool archways. They captured the feeling of their love in every picture, turning the unexpected rain into a fun adventure.

Amazingly, the rain stopped as quickly as it started, leaving shiny raindrops on the flowers. The sun came out again, shining over Sherida and Niall and making everything look even more beautiful. The photoshoot, which seemed a bit in trouble because of the rain, turned into a bunch of moments showing how strong and happy Sherida and Niall's love is and was amazingly captured by Sebastian - Art Photography

In the cozy embrace of Langtons House Hotel, Sherida and Niall celebrated not just their promises to each other, but also the surprising and beautiful moments in life. Their wedding day showed that love can overcome surprises, leaving them with lots of happy memories that will shine as brightly as the sun on that unforgettable day in Kilkenny.

Sherida & Niall - Langtons house hotel, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny

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