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Lismore Co. waterford

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Waterford wedding video

alice & j.j.

Alice & JJ - Lismore, Co. Waterford

In the heart of Lismore, where the rolling hills met the endless sky, stood the magnificent family mansion that witnessed the union of Alice and JJ. The mansion, a grandeur of history and elegance, was a fitting backdrop for a love that had blossomed over the years. As the morning sun bathed the estate in a golden glow, the mansion buzzed with the excitement of preparations.

The bride, Alice, adorned in a gown that flowed like a cascade of ivory, prepared for her special day in the luxurious chambers of the family home. The air was filled with laughter and the clinking of champagne glasses as bridesmaids flitted about, making final touches to hair and makeup. JJ, the groom, meticulously assembled a marquee just in front of the mansion. His craftsmanship was evident in every detail, from the sturdy beams overhead to the exquisite bar he built with his own hands, positioned perfectly in the middle of the structure.

As the clock neared noon, the bridal party made their way to the charming church in the heart of Lismore for the ceremony. Vows were exchanged, and the couple sealed their commitment with a kiss, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the sacred space.

Upon returning to the family estate, the front of the mansion transformed into a spectacle of joy. A drinks reception unfolded in the meticulously decorated area in front of the house, with a marquee stretching elegantly across the landscape. The space seemed to extend endlessly, creating a canvas for the celebration that lay ahead.

Underneath the marquee, adorned with fairy lights and floral arrangements, the newlyweds and their guests reveled in the warmth of the day. Friends and family danced to the lively tunes of The Pearly Whites, whose infectious energy kept every guest on their feet throughout the night. Laughter echoed across the estate, and the love that surrounded Alice and JJ was palpable in the air. As the stars emerged in the vast Lismore sky, the celebration continued, a testament to the enduring love that had found its home in the heart of the family mansion.

Alice & JJ - Lismore, Co. Waterford

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