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debbie & killian

Debbie & Killian - The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Debbie and Killian's wedding was a heartwarming tale of true love, filled with emotions and a myriad of thoughtful details that left an indelible mark on everyone lucky enough to witness their union. The Westbury Hotel in Dublin served as the elegant backdrop for this extraordinary day.

What made Debbie and Killian's celebration truly special was Debbie's decision to weave Killian's late mother into every part of the wedding. Debbie adorned herself in Killian's mother's wedding dress, turning it into a living memory. The dress material was repurposed for various details, like the wedding ring pillow and Debbie's "something old." In doing so, Killian's mother became an integral part of the celebration, a silent presence felt in each cherished moment.

The day unfolded like a symphony of joy and laughter, a testament to the genuine love shared by Debbie and Killian. Every detail, meticulously planned, reflected the couple's journey and the legacy of love that continued through generations. The ambiance of The Westbury Hotel, adorned with elegant decorations, set the stage for a celebration where love and laughter danced harmoniously in the air.

As the sun dipped below the Dublin skyline, the evening took an electrifying turn with the one and only Luke Thomas and the SwingCats taking the stage. The dance floor ignited with energy as the band's lively tunes set the night on fire. Laughter filled the air, and the room pulsated with the infectious joy of the celebration.

Debbie and Killian's wedding became a radiant memory, a celebration where love, laughter, and the spirit of Killian's mother wove together seamlessly. Whenever the wedding is mentioned, the first thoughts that spring to mind are those of joy, connection, and a dance floor ablaze with the celebration of love, creating a timeless memory that will forever echo in the hearts of all who attended.

Debbie & Killian - The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Co. Dublin

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